• Filters


    Remove nasty odors with the tested-best carbon filter—Phat Filters.

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  • Fans


    Move air easily with premier performance Phat fans.

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  • Mufflers


    Silence fan noise with Phat Mufflers.

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Why Choose Phat? The Numbers Don't Lie!

Carbon Quantity x Carbon Quality = Filter Capacity

Phat filters are packed with the very best carbon on the market, and we have the independent lab test numbers to prove it.


What Size Phat Filter Do I Need??

Not sure what size filter you need? Let us take the guess work out of choosing the right filter. Click on the link below to use our CFM calculator.

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Phat vs. the Other Guys

Every company talks about their carbon being the best without scientific proof. Using a certified USA carbon laboratory we’ve run the tests and the results may surprise you.

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